Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Geometric Wood Models / Educational / decor (click here to see more)

When work got slow during the economic down turn, I had to resort to creating my own pieces that could be made and sold relatively quick. Someone had asked me for a wood model of a geometric piece that they could use in a classroom to help the students visualize geometry in 3D space. These were always a nice challenge and a change of pace. I rip all of the 1/4" strips from 3/4" shelving then cut all of the notches for the pieces to lock together. Everything is pre-cut on 3 axis (X,Y&Z) so that it assembles without any stresses or forced fits. There is actually very little glue involved, the rest is a very snug press friction fit. Over time I built up quite an inventory of geometric pieces. Some are stained, others just get a clear polyurethane coating to show off their wood grain. I have many more built that are still in the camera, I will post more of them here as time permits.


  1. Ron those are soooo neat! And so very pretty too!

  2. Thanks so much Disarmywife and Jody, I really appreciate the feedback. I hope to have more posted here pretty soon.