Thursday, June 3, 2010

Platonic Solids wood models

This is the complete set of the 5 Platonic Solids made in wood. These are used in High School & University classrooms, math labs, libraries, and just anyone interested in Polyhedra & Geometry as an art form. A friend wanted a set for his Physics class and couldnt find any that weren't just paper or plastic so I started making them in batches when I discovered that alot of people had been looking online for them. When they are just clear coated, you can see the cross shadows & depth better in a classroom than with dark stain. For anyone who likes them for a conference table, desk or bookshelf, I stain them cherry wood, ebony, or dark walnut then clear coat them. From left: Octahedron, Dodecahedron, Tetrahedron, Icosahedron & Cube. I have a few of the Archimedes Solids on my website, but the entire set is not complete yet. I save all the saw jigs & fixtures so everything can be built again & again.


  1. These are so amazing. You are very clever and gifted. "knickers"

  2. Thanks so much! Glad you got to see them :)

  3. Is there any way I can buy a set of these of of you?

  4. Hi Virtualkip. Thanks for showing an interest in the Platonic Solids, all of the info & prices on them are on my web site
    In your email, let me know you found me on the wordpress blog :)

  5. Hi Ron, do you mind if I use the photo of your models in a youtube video explaining the use of my diy tensegrity toolkit? I would greatly help to illustrate the structure of the models that can be build.


  6. Sure thats not a problem, I appreciate you asking. Would it link back over to my web page?